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Cassiopeia Palace

Cassiopeia is a BDSM Palace designed for females who share or are interested in this lifestyle. Our palace is built on four simple principles: Truth, Honesty, Openness, and Commitment. Above all else, we are here to have fun!
Please treat U/us as Y/you would like to be treated. If that does not include the principles above, then this Palace isn't for you!
Visitors who respect O/our members and their lifestyle, as well as the rules of Cassiopeia, are welcome.
Nudity is not allowed at the gate. It is a personal choice once inside.
The Dommes of Cassiopeia are titled Lady.
We respect all collars and expect visitors to respect those of Cassiopeia.

W/we hope Y/you'll enjoy O/our many beautiful lockable rooms, fantastic tours, adult interactive rooms and dungeons....and unique adult avs and more!
Cassiopeia is not just another palace, but a place Y/you could call home
surrounded with the nicest people on the palace!

Remember: Y/you need to be at least 18 years old and female to access this adult palace.

This unique chat Is based on the Palace Avatar chat rooms where people can have their own avatars (photo's) to represent themself and to enhance the chat experiance.

Cassiopeia's Palace Chat is open 24/24.

If you have the Palace Client installed you'll enjoy the full features of this graphical chat but it should work in java capable browsers with some limmitations.

Important: this amazing palace chat-software is totally free and can be downloaded here!!

Hope to see Y/you soon and enjoy yourself in this unique friendly adult BDSM palace for women.

Our Palace Client url is palace://cassiopeia.fpalace.com:9998
or enter cassiopeia.fpalace.com in your palace client software
Our Instant Palace url is http://cassiopeia.fpalace.com/instantpal.html

Click here to enter Cassiopeia Palace

If you want to use O/our instant palace based on Java click here

The Staff:
Lady Joyce & lara
Lady Deborah & kim_chi

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